Kicking off with Analytics

Applying Data & AI in business is getting serious. Want to know how data & analytics can benefit your company? Let’s get started!

As a kick-start, BARC is offering you a free virtual consultation. Together, we can identify your individual use cases, and where data, analytics & AI can bring more value to your business.

The first step is often the hardest. Let’s start your #datajourney together with BARC and make sure you are going into the right direction.

How can BARC's free consultation help you?

Whether you’re just starting your data journey or already have some experience: In our free consultation, we will help you figure out what your next steps should be to get the best out of your business.

Our analysts can for example help you with:

  • Data & analytics strategy
  • Technology evaluation for data & analytics, e.g.  data preparation, data cataloging, etc.
  • Data science coaching
  • Advanced data architecture for analytics
  • Cloud data & analytics design & deployment
  • Use case identification
  • Advanced analytics & data discovery
  • Data integration & data preparation
  • Master data management & data governance

We are happy to help you! Get in contact with our colleague Ricarda Stützel at BARC now to arrange your free consultation meeting with one of our experienced analysts.

The following analysts are
available for a free virtual consultation

Seize the opportunity to discuss your individual questions and challenges with one of our experienced analysts or to get an initial assessment – free of charge!

Carsten Bange

Dr. Carsten Bange is the founder and managing director of BARC. He is one of the leading experts in the successful implementation of information technology for business intelligence & data management within the framework of the transformation to data-driven companies. As a neutral market observer, he has been a coach & strategy consultant for companies from a variety of industries, a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars, and the author of numerous industry publications and market studies.

Jacqueline Bloemen

Jacqueline Bloemen is Senior Analyst Data & Analytics with a major focus on data & analytics strategy and culture; architecture and technology; governance and organization. She is an author and speaker and has been advising companies of various sizes and industries for over 35 years. Currently, her research and consulting activities are focused on the transformation to becoming a data-driven company. She has worked for BARC since 2005.

Get in contact now!

Get in contact with Ricarda Stützel now to arrange your free consultation meeting with one of our experienced analysts.

Alexander Seeliger

Alexander Seeliger is a Data & Analytics Analyst and Data Scientist at BARC. He advises companies on use case identification for data analytics / machine learning and on tool selection for advanced analytics. He conducts proofs of concept in the area of advanced analytics and gives data science and data literacy coaching. Alexander Seeliger is author of several BARC research articles and is largely responsible for the data management, data preparation and data enrichment of the BARC product and service overviews.

Gernot Molin

As a BARC Fellow, Gernot Molin advises domestic and international companies of various sizes and industries in the areas of strategy definition for advanced analytics & business intelligence as well as data platforms for machine learning and artificial intelligence. He also advises on digitalization; (data) architecture design and software selection; data modeling and solution design, as well as cloud strategies and cloud platform design. He joined BARC in 2019.

How can BARC help you further with your analytics projects?

Whatever stage you are at, BARC offers hands-on support in your analytics projects – methodically, organizationally and technologically. Book a further consultation slot or take part in one of our seminars or workshops!

Seminars & Workshops

Gain practical knowledge in these fields:

  • Advanced data architecture & design for analytics
  • Data catalogs & data hubs
  • Cloud for data & analytics
  • Data strategy & data governance
  • Organization – managing analytics teams, integrating analytics organizationally
  • Understanding data science: advanced data & analytics skills for business users
  • Hands-on data-science: A practical introduction for business users
  • Data modeling for analytical systems
  • Choosing the right cloud platform for data and analytics: requirements, pitfalls and solution providers
  • Security for data warehouse and business intelligence systems
  • Testing of data warehouse and BI systems

Our experienced analyst can help you with the following topics:

  • Data & analytics strategy –
    structuring & scaling
  • Data thinking: Design thinking meets data strategy
  • Use case identification – evaluation and
  • Data science coaching – tailored to your use cases
  • Technology evaluation for data & analytics, e.g., ML, data preparation, data cataloging, real-time analytics – on-premises and in the cloud
  • Proofs of concept and piloting for
    analytics solutions
  • Data integration & data preparation
  • Advanced analytics & data discovery
  • Master data management & data governance
  • Self-service BI and self-service analytics
  • Deployment of data & analytics products – technological and organizational aspects
  • Data engineering – from ETL to data preparation for analytics
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