Tech Jobs – Future of data-driven work 

Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and related roles are no longer the corporate unicorns that no one understands. On the contrary, almost every company is desperately looking for them.
This is why companies are currently facing the challenge of attracting people from the field of data analysis, because the battle for capable employees has begun.

Back in 2012, Harvard Business Review already ran the headline, “Data Scientist: the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” which hasn’t changed ten years later.

At the DATA festival #online 2022, various companies, like DHL Group, BWM Group and Temedia, spoke about the topic of tech jobs and presented their current challenges and measures in this regard.

Karolina Stosio is Lead Data Scientist at Temedica and she co-leads the munich chapter of DATA festival’s special partner “Women in Big Data”. In her presentation, she showed how wide the current selection of open positions in data is. In addition to vacancies in data analysis & AI, data storage & processes there is also a need for data acquisition and data production & sales.

“The BMW Group is in the biggest digital transformation I’ve ever experienced and it is a great adventure to be part of it. There is such an urgent need for Data Scientists! We are constantly looking for great talents who can support us in digitalizing existing processes, creating and delivering new opportunities and asking new questions that have not been raised before.” is the opinion of Dr. Stefan Meinzer, Domain-Owner & General Manager Sales Analytics at the BMW Group.

But it’s not just about finding new employees for data topics, it’s also about getting all employees excited about data driven work.

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Exciting talks on the topic from the DATA Festival #online 2022:

Deutsche Post DHL Group –
Maximizing the value of AI despite the war for talent
(Speaker: Thorsten Kranz, Lead Data Scientist @ Deutsche Post DHL Group)

Day 2, 27th october 11:30 – 12:00

What is this talk about?
Thorsten describes DPDHL’s approach to tackling this challenge with a structured approach for talent management, organizational enablement of the whole Group, and a convenient working environment for Data Scientists and Data Analysts, including Kubeflow and Auto ML.

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The development of the Data Scientist: From tech unicorn to Swiss Army Knife
(Speaker: Dr. Stefan Meinzer, Domain-Owner & General Manager Sales Analytics @ BMW Group and Alexander Thamm, CEO @ AT)

Day 2, 27th october 15:00 – 15:30

What is this talk about?
Stefan and Alex have been in this field for more than 15 years and will share some insights on what makes a good Data Scientist today – while also sharing insights from BMW Group as one of the largest employers of #data and #AI experts in Europe.

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Women in Big Data & Temedica –
Future of data-driven work
(Speaker: Karolina Stosio, Co-lead | Munich Chapter of Women in Big Data & Lead Data Scientist @ Temedica)

Day 2, 27th october 14:30 – 15:00

What is this talk about?
Karolina trys to find answers to the questions: Which roles are and will be available in data-driven companies? What skills are in demand and will remain relevant? Which positions are going to disappear?

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