Dr. Georg Droschl

Dr. Georg Droschl

Dr. Georg Droschl

Head of Artificial Intelligence | pmOne AG |

Short Biography

Dr. Georg Droschl, Head of Artificial Intelligence at pmOne looks back on over twenty years of experience in data-driven technology. In his career he has implemented and managed products and projects in Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management and used “intelligent algorithms” as a business manager. He has also conducted trainings and worked in product management and business development. He is a course leader of a Business Data Science course at Munich Business School.

Not sure what exactly you are looking for, but a conference attendee just said after a personal conversion where I talked about an analytics solution we had implemented “that he was very taken with my way of explaining topics.

“I really like to work with end users and managers to help them enter the world of analytics and AI” – Dr. Georg Droschl


Speaker for the following sessions:

Workshop: Optimizing Production: from Predictive Analytics to Prescriptive Analytics