Zeenea – Best Practices for Building a Data Catalog in a Data Mesh Architecture

June 13th, 12.15 – 12.45 pm

In today’s world, data is at the heart of most businesses, and with the shift towards a more decentralized approach to data management, the Data Mesh architecture has become increasingly popular. However, building a data catalog in a Data Mesh environment can be challenging due to the distributed nature of data and the diversity of data domains.
In this session, Guillaume Bodet – CPTO at Zeenea – will explore the key challenges involved in building a data catalog in a Data Mesh architecture and provide best practices for overcoming them.

Speaker: Guillaume Bodet, CPTO | Zeenea

Guillaume is the CPTO of Zeenea, paving the way to help companies become data-driven. As the former CTO and Head of Product & Engineering of Finance Active, Guillaume is a hands-on web and Fintech leader. With over 10 years of experience in C-level positions, including CTO and Associate Partner at Xebia, Guillaume’s lean startup spirit, knowledge of technological innovation, and passion for business growth have enabled Zeenea’s clients to create true data democratization.