IBM – What has a Quantum Computer in common with the light bulb?

Customers Presentation of Woodmark Consulting

What is a quantum computer and how can it be used for machine learning and future use cases? Which questions should you ask yourself to prepare your company for the future within your industry? And what has a quantum computer in common with the light bulb and what can we learn from this analogy? All these questions will be answered in a 30-minute presentation, so you will be provided with some thought-provoking impulse which you can use for a deeper entry in this new world.


Hassi Nolan | IBM


Ahmad El-Choura, Account Manager | Woodmark Consulting

Ahmad El-Choura works as an Account Manager at Woodmark Consulting in Germany and is part of the internal working group for quantum computing. He studied information and electrical engineering at the university for applied sciences in Hamburg and has always had a passion for quantum physics. He remembers when quantum computers were still a theory and is all the more pleased that he can actively experience their implementation today.