Women In Big Data – Data-driven companies and cognitive diversity. Why it’s important for data organizations to be more diverse?

June 14th, 1.00 – 1.30 pm

Why is cognitive diversity a key success factor for organization’s data-driven goals and AI plans? Data is interpreted differently depending on who is reading the data.
The AI interpretation of the data can be as biased as the human intelligence behind it. What can happen if you have an excellent AI team but they are not cognitively diverse?
How to promote cognitive diversity in your workplace?


Katerina Andreeva, Co-Lead of Women in Big Data Munich Chapter | Women In Big Data

Women-in-Big-Data_Katerina-Andreeva_CFP-sqaureI am co-leader of Women in Big Data Munich Chapter and Customer Success Manager Data & AI Architect at IBM. I studied statistics at LMU Munich and my heart has always been for data. I have worked at various data positions and for as a foreign woman it was not always easy. That’s why I think it’s important to support women in data professions.