wetter.com-GmbH – How AI reduces our risk of getting wet!

June 13th, 11.15 am -12.45 pm

Every day people use weather predictions – like choosing their bike over their car. In recent years, weather predictions became more and more accurate, however precise local rain forecasts are still challenging. Traditionally, flow models are used based on physical equations, but AI offers a new approach, which we test at wetter.com. Here we show the application of convolutional neural networks commonly used for image recognition and focus on our risk analysis of picking a bike over a car.



Dr. Christian Schneider, Machine Learning Expert | wetter.com GmbH

picture of Dr. Christian Schneider

Dr. Christian Schneider is Senior Machine Learning Expert at the online weather portal wetter.com. He manages many well-known customers and develops innovative data science solutions. He holds a PhD from ETH Zurich about “The robustness of complex networks“ and was a postdoc at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His research focused on complex systems, big data and environmental engineering.