Operationalizing Data Science: Accelerating insights from the world’s data!

24.03. | 15:10 - 15:40 | data.stage

The rise of AI and ML as a competitive edge in business and industry is undoubted. To leverage these techniques, access to all the organization’s useable data is needed, making the data warehouse a critical part of automated decision-making. This is why Exasol, with its cutting edge data warehousing and analysis features, can be the critical piece you’ve been missing to speed up and deliver AI and ML use cases in your organization.

In this talk we are going to show you

  • how our in-memory, columnar, MPP architecture speeds up time-to-insight significantly,
  • how popular scripting languages like Python, R, Lua and Java are first class citizens inside Exasol’s database engine,
  • how GPUs can turn “fast” into “even faster”, and
  • how all this helps you operationalizing data science by applying trained models directly where your data lives.

We will highlight these capabilities with use cases and demos.

Dr. Florian Wenzel (Senior Sales Engineer | Exasol)