Starburst – Hands-on lab: Starburst Galaxy

June 13th, 4.15 – 5.45 pm

Join us for a hands-on workshop to learn the basics of Starburst, a distributed SQL query engine made for big data. This Starburst beginner’s workshop will provide data analysts & enthusiasts with a foundational understanding of Starburst, and how to use it for scalable & efficient data querying.

We will explore real-world data sets and run federated queries that combine data from multiple sources. You’ll also learn how to configure Starburst and discover its benefits for data analysis.




Arne Ottens, Enterprise Solution Architect | Starburst

Arne is a technology and data enthusiast with a focus on Data Management, Big Data and Cloud Technologies. Having a history as an architect and developer, he has a natural passion for complex challenges, elegant solutions and innovative technologies. Arne gained his experience in projects around the globe and across industries and is now part of the Solution Architects Team at Starburst.




Christian Neundorf, Senior Enterprise Solution Architect | Starburst

As a Senior Solution Architect at Starburst, Christian has over 20 years of experience in the data industry. Throughout his career, he has held various positions including Principal Solution Engineer and Field CTO in the big data analytics space, which has equipped him with a diverse skill set in solution architecture and design across different industries. Christian is passionate about delivering innovative and effective data solutions that drive success for businesses of all sizes. No matter how tricky the requirements, customer success is always top of Christian’s mind.