Starburst @ BestSecret – Discovering the hidden part of the iceberg

June 14th, 11.00 – 11.30 am

At BestSecret Data is at the core of our daily operations and strategy. Increasing complexity and fragmentation of our data landscape triggered us to rethink our data stack. Our vision is to create a data platform to allow other tech teams and business users to integrate with and leverage curated data on their own terms. Starburst is an important technology to achieve this.
In this talk we will describe where we come from, where we want to go and what we learned about Trino, Starburst and Iceberg along the way.


Isa Inalcik, Senior Data Engineer | BestSecret Group

Isa InalcikSince April 2022, I have been working as a Data Engineer at BestSecret Group. With over a decade of experience in the software lifecycle, I have honed my skills in data engineering and testing across a range of industries, including banking, energy and smart home systems, pharmacy, retail, e-commerce, and mobile application testing. My expertise encompasses designing and orchestrating ELT/ETL pipelines, big data engineering, and big data test automation. I possess a diverse skill set that includes Trino/Starburst Enterprise Platform, Snowflake, Airflow, Kafka, Python, Spark, Kubernetes, Docker, cloud, Hive, Apache Iceberg, Data Build Tool (DBT), and Hadoop, which equips me to tackle any data challenge. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies from Aachen University of Applied Sciences, which I earned in 2011. I was awarded the PROMOS scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service, allowing me to study abroad at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.


Lutz Künneke, Director of Data Engineering | BestSecret Group

Lutz Künneke

Lutz is the Director Data Engineering at BestSecret. The Data Engineering Team is providing data at scale to all departments at BestSecret to support Analytics and Operations.
We have grown from a traditional on-premise data warehouse to a cloud data platform and are now increasingly adopting ZeroETL paradigms.
There have been many challenges and experiences on our journey related to change management and the involved technologies which we want to share and discuss.