Special Break:
A rap anthem about Data Governance – can that be fun?

October 27th, 12:00 – 12:30 pm

Tiankai is not only responsible for data governance at adidas, but is also a musician. His social media smash hit “Governors of Data” brought thousands of people closer to the often seen rather dry or reserved subject of data governance. In this unconventional way, Tiankai makes it clear that in a data-driven company not only data but also data governance concerns everyone. In their conversation, Carsten and Tiankai will discuss how this song came about, what it has achieved and what experiences Tiankai was able to gather on his data governance journey so far.


adidas_Tiankai-FengTiankai Feng, Head of Product Data Governance | adidas

Tiankai worked in data all his professional life – he started as a Digital Analyst focusing on Marketing Analytics with experience in many industries, and has since then evolved into a Data Governance leader, currently leading the Product Data Governance team at adidas. He is passionate about the “human side” of data and is an advocate for making data more approachable and fun for everyone – using creative and entertaining methods such as his music.


Dr. Carsten Bange, Founder and CEO | BARC

Dr. Carsten Bange is the founder and managing director of BARC. Carsten is one of the leading experts in the successful implementation of information technology for business intelligence and data management within the framework of the transformation to data-driven companies. As a neutral market observer for years, he has been the coach and strategy consultant for companies of the most varied industries and sizes, frequent speaker at conferences and seminars and the author of numerous industry publications and market studies.