Snowflake – Snowpark in Action: A joint workshop by Snowflake and saracus

June 13th, 2.15 – 3.45 pm

This workshop will explore the powerful combination of Snowflake’s cloud data platform and using Snowpark to write UDFs and perform data processing using familiar programming languages such as Python. Participants will gain a solid understanding of Snowflake’s architecture as well as Python’s data processing libraries. Furthermore, they will learn how to use Snowpark to visualize data, train ML-Models and write UDFs using Python and Snowpark.

In addition to the technical concepts covered, participants will also have the opportunity to gain some hands-on experience working with Snowflake, Python, and Snowpark, as well as a deeper understanding of how these technologies can be used to increase the value of their data easily. Workshop participants will get priority for Snowflake’s gadget. 😉




Niels Warnecke, IT Consultant | saracus

After completing his master’s degree in mathematics, Niels Warnecke joined saracus Consulting GmbH and has since been supporting customers in the realization of their projects in the cloud and on-premises. In addition to his work in various projects, Niels Warnecke has been a speaker and author at the Data& Analytics academy of saracus since 2020. There he shares his knowledge about AWS, Azure, GCP and Snowflake in webinars, seminars and blog posts.



Vivien Klose, Senior Technical Program Manager | Snowflake

Vivien is a Senior Technical Program Manager for the Field CTO organisation at Snowflake. After a 7-yr stint in the Technology Consulting industry as a Technical Architect and Consulting Manager, she joined Snowflake in 2019 and has since worked in Sales Engineering for both customers and partners.