Siemens AG – How large language models transform Siemens AG

June 13th, 2.15 – 2.45 pm

The disruptive effect of the latest advances in large language models such as chatGPT has revolutionized the way the world approaches NLP tasks. The ability of the modern algorithms to extract information without pre-training eliminated a lot of hurdles and drastically simplified the development of machine learning products as well as the consequent MLOps.

In this talk we will show how Siemens successfully utilized latest advances in language modelling and revolutionized its machine learning products. We will discuss the benefits that those technologies brought to Siemens as well as the limitations of usage of these technologies.


Maria Sukhareva, Senior Key Expert | Siemens AG

Siemens_Maria-Sukhareva_CFP-squareMaria Sukhareva is a Senior Key Expert in AI and NLP at Siemens AG. Previously, she worked in BMW Group and was developing a machine translation initiative. Maria worked as a computational linguist in research for 7 years, where she honed her technical skills and developed a strong foundation in the field. With her blend of industry and academic experience, Maria is well-prepared to share her knowledge and insights with conference attendees.