Siemens AG – Exploring AI with purpose and turn it scalable, trustworthy and sustainable

June 13th, 4.15 – 4.45 pm

How can we meet high expectations towards Industrial AI and create sound business opportunities, embracing a variety of challenging requirements? At Siemens, we explore the potential of AI for purpose by setting high standards for sustainability, trustworthiness and profitability. Get to know concrete Industrial AI use cases, our innovation approach for agility and scalability, and gain insights into measures we take to create a resilient and growth-driven innovation culture.

Speaker: Benno Blumoser, Head of AI Lab | Siemens AG

Benno Blumoser

Bernd „Benno“ Blumoser is Co-founder and Head of the Siemens AI Lab, which serves as co-creation platform for exploration of Industrial AI. After his studies in International Culture and Business Studies in Passau and Barcelona, he started his career in management consulting. During his various leading positions in the Open Innovation Program and Siemens’ Foresighting and Innovation Strategy, Benno has made a name in AI strategy and Innovation.