Siemens AG – Digi Peergroups – how to spread Citizen Data Science

Your organisation’s staff need and want to further their education and learn technologies such as KNIME for workflow automation or Qlik for visualizing their data. There are online or in-person trainings for this, offered by special training providers. These trainings mean costs and high time investments for each learning employee, whereby the training contents imparted often only to a small extent

a) contain exactly what the learner is looking for

b) provide concrete simplification of the learner’s daily work, and therefore

c) don’t provide long term-benefit or are forgotten rapidly, and

d) do not have a good cost-benefit ratio. With Digi Peergroups we have found a solution to this problem.


Dr. Ulrike Dowie, Head of Analytics @ Data Visions | Siemens AG

  • Team lead in Siemens’ data lab Data Visions, a team of experts developing AI solutions for data-based decision making
  • Executive who has been introducing and promoting data-based decision-making at Siemens for 10 years
  • Agile coach responsible to win over employees for change processes
  • Founder of Siemens’ Female Data Science Network, driving cooperation with universities and data science experts in and outside the company.
  • PhD in Business Informatics (SAP + University of Stuttgart)

Dr. Matthias Stephan, Head of Technology @ Data Visions | Siemens AG

  • Technical lead of the data lab “Siemens DataVisions” with focus on automation and artificial intelligence
  • Aiming to build a decentralized network of business experts – the so-called Citizens Developers and Scientists – to drive the digital transformation within operational units.
  • Main goal: Introducing virtual assistants for everyone to support in time-consuming, repetitive activities of daily work.
  • Founder and CEO of Quandes, a startup providing methodical and technological support for social entrepreneurship
  • PhD in Mathematics

David Wroblewski, Process & Automation Analyst | Siemens Digital Industries

– Expert in robotic process automation and process analytics using low code tools (KNIME, UiPath, Mendix..)
– Automation coach and business enabler within Siemens. Supporting automation projects from start to finish
– Organizing and conducting online learning events for business users around the world
– Master in Business Informatics (University of Mannheim)