Smart Reality

We will give a short overview on how RTLZWEI is leveraging Content Intelligence to scale up content creation processes and using machine learning to measure content performance on an unprecedented level of detail.



Ben Weiss, Lead Data Scientist @ RTL2 Fernsehen Gmbh & Co. KG

Ben has been working in analytics for more than ten years across many different industries doing not only data analyst work but also managing agile projects. Data science work, however, was always part of the game even in the good ol‘ times when data science wasn’t even a thing. Born in automotive but raised in media, he also learned a lot about other businesses while doing awesome projects as a researcher and user-experience consultant.

Johannes Stark, Senior Data Scientist @ RTL2 Fernsehen Gmbh & Co. KG

Jojo Stark is speaker for the session „Smart Reality“. Since his statistics studies, he dreamed of earning his money by helping people (answering their questions with data analysis).
After working in finance and automotive, he is now a Senior Data Scientist in the media industry.
He is also the author, together with a fellow student, of the book „Merry Crispmas“ a data-driven Christmas story.