Pyramid Analytics – Interactive, AI-augmented Dashboards of SAP and non-SAP data in 15 Minutes with direct query

June 13th, 3.15 – 3.45 pm

Rigid reporting or even the data products made available cannot in all cases provide the necessary data basis that enables optimal decision-making. As a rule, last mile analytics is then regulated via data export and the use of spreadsheets. Unfortunately, this then goes hand in hand with a loss of data security, is outdated when exporting and carries the risk of different versions of the truth circulating.


Speaker: Daniel Dünschede, Senior Solution Consultant| Pyramid Analytics

daniel dünschede_pyramidGet to know, understand, classify, advise. As a consultant, sales and solution engineer, I have implemented or advised on more than 300 projects and selection processes, ranging from OLAP-based integrated financial planning to multidimensional planning, reporting and analytics applications using a wide variety of tools. I have achieved the best results when mutual trust and appreciation were hig