Women in Big Data & Temedica – Future of data-driven work

The way we work changes faster than ever: on one hand the AI revolution disrupts the job market, on the other the COVID-19 pandemics disrupts our expectation of a workspace and work itself.
A steady 9-to-5 career for life is an artifact of the past. We will all change our highly mobile jobs within the next few years spending an average of 4 years with the same employer. Our next job position may not yet exist today, our couture position may be obsolete in the future.
Yet one thing is clear: the future of work is data-driven.
Which roles are and will be available in data-driven companies? What skills are are in demand and will remain relevant? Which positions are going to disappear? In the talk and discussion we will try to find answers to these and more questions.

Speaker: Karolina Stosio, Co-lead | Munich Chapter of Women in Big Data & Lead Data Scientist | Temedica

Karolina Stosio is a Lead Data Scientist at Temedica and a co-lead of the Munich chapter of Woman in Big Data. As a computational neuroscientist turned machine learning and data specialist, she understands challenges of transitioning into new field and actively tries to support others on the way through outreach and mentoring.