Alteryx Inc. – Is Elon Musk right?
Let us compute the prevalence of Spam/Fake accounts of Twitter with just a few clicks.

October 27th, 01:30 – 02:00 pm

Imagine you’re the CEO of Twitter, going through a wild few weeks. One night, at 2:44 AM, you wake up to hear that Elon Musk has paused the acquisition until he confirms that Spam represents <5% of users. Nightmare or the cold sweat of reality? How would you measure and in near real-time monitor the prevalence of Spam/Fake accounts on Twitter? While it may seem trivial at first glance, answering these questions can be very tricky as modern bots become more sophisticated thanks to new AI models.
In a highly demonstrative session, Alteryx will provide an external and independent view of these questions by randomly sampling and classifying 10,000 Twitter accounts using a mix of machine learning models and human reviews all within a few clicks. The goal is to demonstrate how business users without a data science background can use a low/no-code solution to rapidly create situational awareness, contextual and domain-relevant analytics enabling them to quickly respond to sensitive business issues that might require advanced data analytics capabilities.


Jupiter-Bakakeu AlteryxJupiter Bakakeu, Data Scientist & Senior Sales Engineer, | Alteryx Inc.

Jupiter Bakakeu is an experienced Data Scientist and currently leads most of Alteryx’s strategic advanced analytics initiatives in the EMEA region. As a former researcher, he has unique expertise in developing ML-based solutions to improve asset and operational efficiency of manufacturing systems. He also works with German government agencies and universities to conduct cutting-edge research in strategic domain such as reinforcement learning, natural language processing, smart grids, and autonomous cyberphysical production systems. Jupiter has received several awards from the IEEE for his outstanding contributions to the design of autonomous production systems and is the author of more than 25+ peer-reviewed publications and patents, as well as a speaker at several AI/ML conferences.

Michael-Schnappinger AlteryxMichael Schnappinger, Sr. Manager Sales Engineering | Alteryx inc.

With more than 20 years of experience with big players like Oracle, IBM, VMWare, etc.. Michael is a reference when it comes to IT-infrastructure, network virtualization and security.
As a data enthusiast, he is responsible for Alteryx’s Advanced Analytics go-to-market strategy in EMEA and the customer success is his top priority.