Oracle – Oracle Red Bull Racing – driven by data, built to win

How do you top one of the most thrilling seasons of all time? By getting even faster. Oracle Red Bull Racing runs billions of race-strategy simulations on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), to run real-time analytics throughout every race and give drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez their best chances to win.
The defending drivers championship winning team relies on Oracle Cloud to power race strategy, engine development, fan engagement and more to achieve peak performance. Hear how Oracle technology helps push racing´s competitive edge.


Michael Connaughton, Head of Analytics & Data Innovation, EMEA | Oracle

Mike Connaughton is the Head of Analytics & Data Innovation for Oracle in Europe, Middle East and Africa. His focus is on helping drive competitive advantage for Customers, Partners and Oracle. He particularly enjoys challenging ‘conventional wisdom’ and exploring what business benefits can be achieved through the creative use of enhanced information management, machine learning and analytics. He is a member of the IDC Advisory Council for AI and also an adviser on AI for the University of Oxford. Outside of work, Mike is a rugby coach, occasional visitor to the Cresta Run.