Why UX matters for Data Scientists and why you should make UI part of your toolkit

User experience is considered the domain of designers, ergonomy specialists etc., irrelevant for data scientists. In this talk, I’ll share what I learned from our forecasting projects and how you can save money, time and sleep by focusing on the User Experience First. In addition, I’ll share 3 simple UI hacks that will make your:
a. Notebooks cleaner and ease productization
b. Speed-up data labeling
c. Help you identify mislabeled data (e.g., from labeling agencies, own domain experts, open databases)



Dr. Christian Rockstroh, Lead Data Scientist @ Siemens Mindsphere Application Center for Internet of Energy

In my current role, I support our product teams to create intelligent software to transform the energy sector into a sustainable future. It’s a great place to combine
– 8 years of Physics training with a focus on predictive healthcare for a pacemaker company and predictive maintenance for large medical devices
– 7 years of Digital&CIO advisory for a large consultancy and later on as business manager to CIO
I am passionate about new technologies and business models, putting smaller and smaller neural networks on IoT devices, and enjoying life with family and friends no matter the circumstances.