Content tagging: to AI or not to AI

Companies invest resources to identify customer profiles and to segment customers. But what happens then? Do you know which content to provide to each of these segments? And which content is most fitting for each customer? This is where content tagging comes in. It enables you to use the right content for the right customer. There are several approaches to develop content tagging, including machine learning, and several stakeholders to take into account.



Jack Lampka, Head of Data @ MSD Germany 

With international experience along the data analytics value chain (21 years in tech & 3 in pharma), Jack Lampka has built analytics teams, designed data roadmaps, defined data governance, synthesized data, and accelerated AI adoption. He has enabled companies to turn data into business impact, supported executives with data-driven decisions, and cultivated data mindset through data literacy programs … all that while having fun. Having fun, he also has as a speaker at analytics conferences.