Metro Digital GmbH – Product Management in Data Science: from POC to Products in Production

70% of data science initiatives are known to fail. Within international Wholesaler, Metro AG, we managed to succeed by upscaling from manual on-prem solutions to three fully automated products running for 24 countries and serving predictions in real-time. I would gladly share five lessons, which I learnt being a product manager on this journey. Starting with the use case overview, I guide you through our ups and downs. People, technology, and business – what is the key to what extent.


Dr. Anna Hannemann, Domain Owner Data Science | Metro Digital GmbH

Anna is a Domain Owner of Data Science at – an IT devision of METRO AG – driving the story of data science within the whole Metro business. In her previous position as a product owner, Anna guided three recommender systems to their success. This journey included transition to cloud, introduction of agile working principles, and the most important – the step from PoC to live products. Before recommender systems, Anna focused on robotics and smart logistics at Zalando SE.