Merck – Data Culture Warriors

June 14th, 10.15 – 10.45 am

How we set up for a successful Data Transformation at Merck. A joint presentation by the Data Culture Team.

We have a very unique team set up to drive the Data Culture at Merck
A Marketeer, a Data Scientist, a Data Analyst, a Professor for computational biology and a kids art teacher make a perfect setup for Data Culture
As pioneers in Data Culture we will give you some insights about our Journey . We will talk about how we picked some low hanging fruit and about the pitfalls we encountered along the way.


Steffi Babka, Global Head of Data Culture | Merck

Merck_Stefanie-Babka_CFP-squareI studied economy with an emphasis on Marketing at the university of applied sciences in Pforzheim and also have a second degree in Public Relations. This combination has resulted in a deep passion for Social Media. During my career I spent ten years in the automotive industry (Daimler, GM) and three years in the FMCG business (Nestlé) where I worked in different Marketing and PR positions and learned to combine those two worlds.
I released my first book on “Issues Management in Blogs” in 2007. My second book “Social Media for Executives” was released in 2016. (both in German language)
I joined Merck in 2014 to introduce the digital workplace EVA.


Dr. Boris Adryan, Director of Merck’s Data & Digital Academy | Merck

Merck_Boris-Adryan_CFP-squareDr. Boris Adryan oversees curriculum and delivery of Merck’s Fast-Track Upskilling for Data & Digital program. This in-house upskilling offering is a ‘deep immersion’ track comprising lectures, exercises and project work for aspiring ‘citizen data scientists’. Building on years as academic research group leader and lecturer at the University of Cambridge, at Merck Boris has contributed his data science expertise hands-on in projects, as well as in various capability building roles since 2017.



Anna Guenter, Senior Data Culture Manager | Merck

Anna is a Senior Data Culture Manager in the Data Office at Merck KGaA Darmstadt. She leads an internal community of more than 1700 Data & Digital enthusiasts. Last year, she launched an inhouse training program for aspiring citizen data scientists and supports this program as trainer. Anna worked as a data scientist within Merck’s Electronics business before she transitioned into her current role. She holds a MSc degree in Mathematics with Economics from Technical University Darmstadt.


Matthias Stede, Senior Data Culture Manager  | Merck

As a Senior Data Culture Manager for Merck Group, Matthias Stede is leading the huge community of Data & Analytics enthusiasts at Merck as well as driving different upskilling and change initiatives to drive the data culture at Merck. Previously, he worked as Data Analyst and Consultant in various projects for consulting- and major corporations. With more than ten years of technology experience, he mostly enjoys working at the intersection of business and technology.