Leverage Machine Learning directly in SAP HANA Cloud (by SAP)

The truth is that many machine learning projects fail to get set into production. It takes time and effort to move from a machine learning model to a business application. This can be due to many reasons, for example:
1. Limited data access
2. Poor data quality
3. Small computing power
4. No version control
This can only be solved by IT experts and data scientists working together. Find out how you can leverage the full potential of your data and how to incorporate your new insights into the business.


Jan Beissner, Customer Advisory @ SAP

I am passionate about SAP HANA and everything that comes with it. Mainly focusing on SAP HANA Cloud and how different data-driven use cases can be realized within a given landscape. Let’s make the most out of your data!

Yannick Schaper, Customer Advisory Specialist @ SAP

I am a passionate machine learning expert, focusing on data driven use cases to generate measurable added value for our customers. My goal is to help them rethink their processes and to ML-infuse every aspect of their business.

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