A Siemens KNIME Journey – Building a Network of Citizen Data Scientist

Session sponsored by KNIME

Siemens Data Visions aims to build a decentralized network of business experts – the so-called Citizens Developers and Scientists – to drive the digital transformation within the operational units. KNIME has proven to be the ideal tool not only to answer complex questions in the AI environment, but primarily to automate repetitive activities in data processing. In our talk, we recap the experiences from our three-year journey at Siemens. During this trip, we have built up a community network of more than 6000 Siemens colleagues and thought them core skills and competences in the field of digitalization.


Dr. Matthias Stephan, Head of Technology @ Data Visions by Siemens Digital Industries

Dr. Matthias Stephan is the technical lead of Siemens DataVisions, a data lab with focus on automation and artificial intelligence. He is also the founder and CEO of Quandes, a startup that provides methodical and technological support for social entrepreneurship. One of his main goals is to introduce virtual assistants for everyone to support them in time-consuming, repetitive activities of daily work.

David Wroblewski, Process & Automation Analyst @ Siemens Digital Industries