Inter IKEA Group – Can Data Support Sustainability Initiatives?

June 14th, 9.00 – 9.30 am

Sustainability is a key initiatives in industry. Work related to improvements on the manufacturing and use of natural gas is increasing. There is another key initiative to optimize Supply Chain to reduce multiple deliveries, smarter execution of the packaging etc.
Can Data & Analytics play a role on that? If yes, how? Let’s explore.


Naveen Gupta, Global Data Leader | Inter IKEA Group

IKEA_Naveen-Gupta_CFP-squareIn current fast and competitive market, striving for efficiency and effectiveness to gain productivity is key objective for major industries. Data is the key to asset to achieve that objective. Industry players who focus on creating business value out of data by setting Analytics and BI strategy, advocates for data driven culture and set up advanced analytics program gains upper hand. My key focuses are on business value driven data and analytics strategy and governance