From Holistic Monitoring to Prediction

Every company has one or more monitoring solutions for their (IT) systems, some combine them for a holistic approach – end2end from application frontend to backend and IT infrastructure.
But are you using them for predictive monitoring? Maybe extended to more than IT systems: business / governance processes?
We share ING Germany’s ambitious approach and the learnings & results so far. We take you on a journey starting at a common case you might know and explain our evolution during the project.



Frank Fischer, Head of Big Data @ ING Germany

„I believe in Digitalization as a key element of our future – and the future of our world.“
12 years of software development, design and support (DevOps) and database architecture.
In various lead positions since 2015 (back office and IT): Identity Management, JEE aaS and now Head of Big & Fast Data at ING Germany’s.”

Eddie Kayiira, Product Owner Fast Data & Project Lead Predictive Monitoring @ ING Germany

Looking back at experience as a consultant/specialist for BI and marketing & sales representative, now the central PO for Fast Data & Analytics.
In this role also the project lead for ING Germany’s Predictive Monitoring initiative.
Besides that the chairman / CEO of the Global Elternverein e.V.