HP – Unleashing Creativity: Revolutionizing Design with cre[ai]tion 

June 13th, 2.15 – 2.45 pm

cre[ai]tion, an innovative startup, utilizes generative AI to enhance the ideation process for designers, artists, and creatives. Offering customized inspiration, cre[ai]tion serves as a personal AI muse for a wealth of new design concepts. Their muse “gala” streamlines iteration cycles, allowing users to seamlessly navigate creative design spaces. This advancement in the creative industry paves the way for a future filled with novel and diverse designs.


Speaker: Marco Limm, Founder & CEO | cre[ai]tion GmbH

Marco Limm, originally from a village near Munich, trained as a technical designer before studying transportation design in Detroit. Frustrated by the design process, he returned to Germany, studied industrial design, and explored AI in design using bottles. Showcased internationally, Marco pursued a Master’s, published papers, and sought to pioneer AI in design. Partnering with statworx CEO Sebastian Heinz, he joined their Ventures Programme, received positive feedback for their beta version, and founded cre[ai]tion GmbH to revolutionize design.