ERGO Insurance – ERGO’s AI Factory: End2End AI Use Case implementation @ scale

Data is an important strategic assets for (primary) insurers. Unfortunately, the benefits from the use of Advanced Analytics / AI in Data Science initiatives often seem to fall short of expectations. The ERGO AI Factory is our answer to this challenge. The goal is to scale the end-to-end implementation of AI use cases and gradually move towards an industrialized AI implementation process. Special attention must be paid to the legal and regulatory framework. In addition, ethical principles and social aspects must be taken into account to ensure trust and counteract reputational risks. Learn what we have accomplished by moving our former on premise AI Environment to the cloud – combining native AWS services effectively with self-developed features to deliver a secure platform to our Data Scientists. The “right” implementation of AI already plays a decisive role today with regard to productivity increases and thus to the positioning of companies in the competition of tomorrow.


Felix Wenzel, Head of Data Engineering & Strategy | ERGO Insurance

After working as a professional for banking and consulting companies I joined ERGO in 2004. Earning my spurs in the ERGO Finance Department, I had been leading numerous projects, both in the Asset Management and IT domain. Intrigued by the complex business model in primary insurance, I then decided to changed sides to tackle more insurance-related challenges. For quite a while, I was responsible for Data Management, Reporting, Self-Service Business Intelligence and Analytics within the ERGO Germany P&C segment. Here I learned much about leadership and how to be (or not to be…) successfull in bringing innovation and digital transformation to the company. In my current position as Head of Data Engineering I find my passion for Data, AI and IT to be in perfect balance.