Dremio – Data as a Code – Lakehouse 2.0

June 13th, 05.15 – 05.45 pm

Data as code is the practice of managing data the same way software developers manage code in application development. We will show how to enable business concept Data Mesh through Data Innovation.


Viktor Kessler, Master Principal Solution Architect | Dremio

Viktor Kessler is Solutions Architect at Dremio since December 2019. Before joining Dremio Viktor spent multiple years working at MongoDB, ERGO, PWC and SAP as Solutions Architect on topics of Big Data and digital transformation projects. In this time Viktor gathered experience on both classical technologies as Mainframe/DB2, Oracle, MSSQL, Informatica IPC, SAS and on modern tech stack as Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra and Kafka.





Bernhard Disselhoff, Solutions Architect | Dremio

Bernhard is working as Solutions Architect in the data space since the last century. He joined dremio last summer. In the years before he worked for Microsoft in the Cloud Data space. Other stations are Hitachi/Pentaho, SAP, Informatica and more. Always as Solutions Architect starting from legacy systems till today with the latest developments in Analytics systems.