Lufthansa Group – Take-off: How Lufthansa Group fosters its data strategy with leaders and standards as fuel on their data journey.

June 13th, 10.45 – 11.15 am

Businesses produce vast amount of data in their daily interactions, but are lacking to evolve its full potential. The combination of two strategical aspects is the success factor and a must-have in every data target picture to drive impactful business value: Data Governance and Data Leadership. Whereas Data Governance is often a major pillar in every corporation’s data strategy, the focus on the actual success impact of leaders is frequently forgotten by many organizations.
We take you on the journey to introduce you our strategic emphasis of Data Governance and the complementary role of leadership to inspire followers for data usage, to break internal silos and to build trust within the data community for finally transforming data into valuable insights for the benefit of all.



Dr. Anna Schäfer, Data Quality & Governance Manager | Lufthansa Group

Deutsche-Lufthansa_Dr.-Anna-Schäfer_CFP-sqaureAnna Schäfer is a Data Quality & Governance Manager in Lufthansa Group, developing and realizing group-wide Data Governance Processes. Before joining Lufthansa Group, she worked in fundamental research on simulation models and data analysis. She holds a Ph.D. in theoretical nuclear physics.




Christian Haude, Data Strategy Manager | Lufthansa Group

Lufthansa-Group_Christian-Haude_CFP-squareAs Data Strategy Manager, Christian Haude is responsible to drive the Lufthansa Group towards a data-driven airline group with the special focus on data-driven customer centricity and airline operations. Within his role, he is responsible for a group-wide and competitive data strategy, but also to involve actual leadership components as critical success factors into the big picture of Lufthansa Group’s data journey. Christian holds an Executive Master of Administration in Business and IT at the Technical University of Munich and University of St. Gallen.