Delivery Hero SE – Delivery Hero’s Global Data Mesh Journey

June 14th, 2.45 – 3.15 pm

In this talk, I will present Delivery Hero’s imperfect journey building a global Data Mesh. With operations in over 70 different countries and 13 different brands, Delivery Hero delivers several million food orders every day. Our challenge was the opposite of most Data Mesh initiatives: we didn’t break apart a central data warehouse but instead used concepts from Data Mesh to bring together data from all our autonomously operated brands.


Dr. Sean Gustafson, Director of Engineering, Data Platform |Delivery Hero SE

Delivery-Hero_Sean-Gustafson_CFP-squareSean is a Director of Engineering at Delivery Hero in Berlin. He is responsible for their Data Mesh-inspired global Data Platform and has held similar roles at Scout24 and idealo. He brings many years of experience in software engineering, product management and, surprisingly, user experience to the creation of internal Data Platforms and advocates for a holistic, user-centric approach to the design of internal platforms.