A world where data scientists have time to experiment. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Data Scientists spent a lot of their time preparing data. On top of that, they spent a lot of time talking to business. Where does that lead to…? You guessed it right, more and more experiments that have to be executed during the time framework of the same project…
Not only does that leave little room for out of the box thinking, but it is also a pretty boring process. With that in mind, what if we could automate part of that process? What if we could give some time back to Data Scientists while at the same time providing a framework that allows us to experiment faster and more aggressively?
Join me in this presentation to see DataRobot’s Feature Discovery in action. We will be building a model to predict Customer Lifetime Value the fastest way possible – automating both preprocessing and modeling. It is time Data Scientists had some extra time on their hands!


Thodoris Petropoulos , Customer Facing Data Scientist @ DataRobot

Theo is an experienced Data Scientist who loves getting his hands dirty with new technologies! Although an economics major, he found early on that his passion lies with developing models that can help organisations solve complex problems. To use his own words: “we are here to make the world a better place and ML is the only way I can do my part”.
He is also passionate about democratising Data Science and enabling people of all backgrounds to contribute positively. Last but not least, he is a frequent lecturer at Athens University of Economics and Business where he is completing his PhD studies.