MAHLE – AI based Cash Flow Forecasting

Customers Presentation of Dataiku

The project AI based Cash Flow Forecast aims to implement automated Cash Forecasting and FX Hedging processes for MAHLE using Advanced Statistical / Machine Learning solutions. Based on the forecasts MAHLE can optimize its cash flow management between its entities and save unnecessary costs.


Henning Hubbert, Team Lead- AI Innovation Project Office | MAHLE

After a long experience at Bosch and Daimler Protics GmbH, Henning is now in charge of establishing AI technology at MAHLE with a global team and works on topics such as Conversational AI, Natural Language Processing, and AI with IIoT.


Dr-Ing. Sebastian Werner, AI Evangelist | Dataiku

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Werner joined Dataiku as AI Evangelist in October 2021. He has always been at the interface between modeling, IT and application since his studies in chemical engineering. After completing his PhD in reaction engineering with a focus on modeling, he extended this modeling knowledge into the area of statistical methods on BigData in his subsequent post-doc at UC Berkeley. In 2014, he took over an R&D group with responsibility for testing and modeling of catalysts before moving into a role as Global Application Expert. After a stint as Technology Manager for Digitalization and working around the Corporate DataPlatform, he started Navigance GmbH in 2017, a Clariant spin-off offering data-driven optimization for chemical plants as a “service”. In his role as CTO and Managing Director, he had the responsibility for developing product and technology, as well as building the business to seven-figure revenues and over 20 employees.