Esprit – Data-Driven CRM-Transformation

Customer Presentation of Databricks

Data is a key to operate as a fashion company in post pandemic world. Finding a way through enormous amount of information to optimize customer interaction with across different touchpoints incl. email messaging and customer journey personalization or enhancing the user experience is no longer a ‘nice to have’. Going out of data siloes, closing the former Data Science on premise environment and creating new, centralized cloud-based data environment enables Esprit to work with consistent data across the departments, create the customer-oriented omnichannel strategy, personalize customer experience and brand interaction. Learn more about our migration journey, how we used Databricks to set up the new environment and how it supports us in our daily work to deliver meaningful insights to the business and increase both efficiency and sale of Esprit.


Alicja Peciak, Team Lead Data Science | Esprit

I have been working in analytics for more than six years across different industries gaining the
experience in data science, data engineering and agile project management. Data science in
CRM was my dream job before data usage in marketing was even a thing. As a Team Lead
Data Science in Esprit, I defined my personal goal as enabling data-based decision making
across the whole company. Data Science in Esprit creates both descriptive and predictive
analytics based on customer & behavioural data to create a holistic and personalised customer