Data as Partner for Sustainability – Are we prepared?

October 26th, 11:45 – 12:30 pm

The concept of sustainability relates to social, economic and environmental fundamentals. It is about leaving future generations a world in which they can live well. AI is now considered a key technology when it comes to sustainability, because it can help increase the efficiency of existing processes, develop sustainable products, services and mobility concepts, and much more. At the same time, AI processes a lot of data and thus consumes a lot of electricity, some of which is fossil-generated and results in CO² emissions. Therefore, in this panel we ask the question: “Are we really ready to use AI for a better future?”

This panel will be opened with a 10-minute introductory presentation by Ridwan Bhuiyan, Senior Lead Sustainability Data & Analytics @ Zalando, followed by a 30-minute discussion.


Alexander Thamm, Founder and CEO | Alexander Thamm GmbH


  • Ridwan Bhuiyan, Senior Lead Sustainability Data & Analytics | Zalando
    (introductory presentation only)
  • Divya Bokaria, Head of Data | Zattoo
  • Marcel Kling, Senior Director & Head of Digital Sales | Lufthansa Cargo
  • Walid Mehanna, Group Data Officer | Merck Group
  • Dr. Lydia Nemec, Head of AI Accelerator | Carl Zeiss AG