Tableau – 5 key learnings from the Self-Service BI rollout @Sartorius

October 26th, 01:30 – 02:00 pm

Just over three years ago, the first Tableau trial license was activated at Sartorius. Since then, there has been a steady increase in users making data-driven decisions with the help of Tableau on a daily basis. As Product Owner and later Manager of the Business Intelligence team, Lukas Deibel has been instrumental in the success of the Tableau platform at Sartorius. In the presentation, Lukas shares his five key learnings from the rollout and their impact on the future design of Data Analytics at Sartorius.


Lukas Deibel, Manager of Data Analytics | Sartorius

Lukas is Manager of Data Analytics at Sartorius and was a former BI consultant. As a consultant, he trained and supported hundreds of users to implement data-driven solutions using self-service BI. In his current position, he is shaping the business intelligence area and helping to shape Sartorius into a data-driven company.


Justus Niemzok, Regional Lead, DACH | InterWorks

Justus drives a deep passion for consulting and data. With a broad technical foundation he finds the biggest joy in bringing a wholistic perspective to the organizations he works with. All of that comes from the love to create an impact for his clients. He lives with his young family in Berlin and currently knows more playgrounds than anyone else at InterWorks.
Justus favorite medium are podcasts and audiobooks. Combining a walk with some great topics listening sounds like an amazing way to spend time. Although Justus calls Berlin the most beautiful city in the world, getting out of the city for a proper hike is considered the best weekend activity.