Confluent – From Kafka to Coffee: Brewing a Scalable Event-Driven Architecture

June 14th, 10.15 – 10.45 am

It’s time to wake up and enjoy the taste of an event-driven architecture! Imagine a virtual coffee chain where orders flow like a perfectly crafted cappuccino. With Kafka, we have already conquered the art of displaying real-time orders as they pour in from bustling cafés. But hold on to your espresso cups, because the adventure doesn’t end there!
Our next challenge: Introducing a new use case without disrupting the harmony of the system that keeps the coffee chain running smoothly. It’s like adding a shot of caramel syrup to a latte without spilling a single drop.
In this session, we will reveal the secret ingredient: Confluent Cloud and its magical managed connector. Learn how to seamlessly connect a new use case to the existing event-driven architecture, creating a symphony of flavors without causing chaos in the café.
We’ll explore the art of scalability, ensuring your architecture can handle a never-ending stream of orders and data. From managing peaks of caffeine-induced demand to gracefully handling the occasional decaf order, we’ve got you covered.
So grab a mug, sit back, and prepare to be caffeinated with knowledge.
Warning: Side effects may include a sudden urge to refactor your current architecture and an insatiable craving for coffee.
Let’s raise our cups to building a scalable event-driven architecture, one sip at a time!

Speaker: Patrik Fomin, Solutions Engineer | Confluent

A presales engineer from Confluent with a long background in .NET/C# development and architecture. His proficiency in both aspects enables him to provide invaluable insights into the design, implementation, and optimization of data-driven applications.