Confluent – Bye bye Legacy: Modernize your Data Warehouse by offloading your Oracle DBs

Oracle databases are a typical bottleneck in legacy architecture modernization. In this session I will show how we can easily offload their data to Cloud Datalake. I will introduce Oracle CDC Kafka connector which was developed by Confluent to stream database data in real time. We will also use Cluster Linking technology to bridge Kafka Cluster from an on-prem environment to Confluent Cloud. Stream processing engine ksqlDB can be used to filter, enrich or aggregate the ingested data.


Jan Svoboda, Senior Solutions Engineer | Confluent

Jan Svoboda works as Solutions Engineer at Confluent. In his role he helps organisations to build Apache Kafka based Event Streaming solutions. His specialities are Spring Boot microservices and Event Driven architectures. Before that he worked as Platform Architect at Pivotal where he was helping customers in Europe to adopt microservices architectures and to build application runtime platforms based on Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.