Collibra – Aquila Capital’s Data Journey mit Collibra

June 13th,11.15 – 11.45 am

With an organisation as large as Aquila Group, managing and organising data is crucial.
In his talk Andreas Wolter, Head of Data & BI, Aquila Capital, describes the importance of Collibra for Aquila’s business success. As an investment and asset development company, Aquila Capital relies heavily on data to make strategic decisions. With Collibra, the company ensures its leveraging high-quality data leading to better investment outcomes.

Speaker: Andreas Wolter, Team Head Data & BI | Aquila Capital

picture of Andreas WolterAndreas holds a degree in business informatics from the University of Hamburg. Prior to joining Aquila Capital in late 2018, he held two positions with HAC VermögensManagement AG and founded his own start-up company. Now at Aquila Capital, he heads up their team in charge of data and BI.