BSH Home Appliances – The glass of DATA is half full

Exchanging about „data” within our company or external, I get mostly the information, that it would be so great to work with data, but that it is too challenging: complex, needing experts, not able to access data…somehow true – still, the glass of „Data“ is half full not half empty! We have many data, most of them we understand and can use already (…but do we?) and for the rest, it is clear what needs to be done: easy access to data of high quality + enabling Business colleagues to do analytics.


Barbara Engerer, Head of Data and Analytics | BSH Home Appliances

Barbara Engerer is Head of Data and Analytics within BSH.
In her role she is globally responsible for the Data and Analytics landscape, Master Data Management as well as enabling of analytical capabilities in order to create value from data.
Success of technology in companies is led by PEOPLE – thus same for „data and analytics“: Inspire people and invite them to join and shape the „data and analytics journey”!