BARC – Rethinking the Data Landscape:
Let‘s Get Out of the Ivory Tower

October 26th, 3:30 – 4:00 pm

Data & Analytics initiatives have followed central principles in architecture as well as organization for decades. But self-service analytics and citizen data science is becoming increasingly mainstream and heralds the shift to more decentralized D&A use, aiming for greater scalability and more business value. How will this affect central data & analytics teams and the data landscape as a whole? This talk will explore the current pains of business users and spotlight why centralized D&A teams should leverage Data Mesh, Data Fabric and Data Intelligence to break the boundaries of their ivory tower.

Speaker: Jacqueline Bloemen, Senior Analyst | BARC

As a senior analyst, Jacqueline Bloemen advises national and international companies of various sizes and industries in the areas of strategy definition for data, analytics & business intelligence, data warehousing & big data, digitalization & architecture conception, data architecture and modeling, solution design, software selection and development, as well as overall strategy and organizational development in the age of digitalization. She has been working for BARC since 2005.