BARC – Success factors for data strategies

October 27th, 9:00 – 9:30 am

Many companies are currently revising their data strategies to meet the growing demands on data & analytics for corporate success. In some cases, however, they also had to recognize that earlier versions of these strategies could not achieve resounding success and now want to formulate more targeted and sustainably successful strategies. The BARC Keynote gives an overview of the success factors and best practices that we gained from our extensive research and numerous advisory projects for the creation of data strategies.

Speaker: Dr. Carsten Bange, Founder and CEO | BARC

Dr. Carsten Bange is the founder and managing director of the Business Application Research Center (BARC) Carsten is one of the leading experts in the successful implementation of information technology for business intelligence and data management within the framework of the transformation to data-driven companies. As a neutral market observer for years, he has been the coach and strategy consultant for companies of the most varied industries and sizes, frequent speaker at conferences and seminars and the author of numerous industry publications and market studies.