Ataccama – Make the Most of Every Stage during your Data Management Journey

What does the state of your data management look like? Whether your organization is an early adopter, or you’re already neck-deep in DQ, DG, and MDM – it’s vital to maximize your toolset no matter your progress. Join this session by Ataccama Account Executive Maria Chrysidou that will:

  • Answer common questions early DM adopters often have
  • Reveal tried and true workarounds to frequent challenges faced within DM
  • Discuss the latest terminologies surrounding DM softwares

This session will feature a live Q&A segment.


Maria Chrysidou, Account Executive | Ataccama

As an Account Executive at Ataccama, Maria works with customers at all stages of their data quality, management & governance journeys. Having started her career as a software engineer and later moving into presales and sales, she brings a rare combination of deep technical knowledge and natural communication skills. Maria’s dedicated, enthusiastic approach has ensured successful onboarding and rollout for dozens of clients, and helped build high customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships.