Demystifying AI – How Artificial Intelligence Will (Actually) Transform Data & Analytics at Your Organization

How can your business leverage the power of AI and how will demystifying AI transform Data & Analytics at your organization? In this session, you will get insights into the evolution of data, what AI really means, what today’s reality of using AI in a business context looks like and how we can make it accessible for everyone. You will learn more about the so-called model bias and what dangers of over-relying on AI can occur. Get hands-on tips on how to improve your business journey with AI.


Vishal Soni, Technical Product Marketing Manager @ Alteryx

Vishal Soni has been part of Alteryx since 2018. During his first two years he held a position as Solutions Consultant for the Middle East and Africa with a focus on enabling users to solve their analytics use cases. Currently he switched positions to Technical Product Marketing Manager where he is responsible for developing technical solutions and content for new and existing customers. Prior to his journey with Alteryx, among others he worked for Eze Software, Nomura and HSBC Hong Kong.