Alation – Behavioral Intelligence and a boring data catalog have nothing in common – or do they?

When working with data, the focus is often on technologies, processes and functions, neglecting the most important aspect: the human being! In fact, people and their behavior are key success factors for the creation and development of all data platforms, whereas tools will only take you part of the way!Discover how the Alation Data Catalog puts people and their behavior first to create added value that goes far beyond simple automation, thus driving a successful data culture.


Andreas Neuhauser, Senior Sales Engineer | Alation

Andreas Neuhauser is a Senior Sales Engineer at Alation. His focus is to advise customers and potential customers on how they can discover their data and realize business outcomes with Alation. Before joining Alation, he worked with several SaaS companies and has been in the Enterprise Software, Data, and Startup space for more than 10 years.