MI4People gGmbH – How to apply AI to help solve most important humanitarian and ecological problems

June 14th, 9.45 – 10.15 am

While the adoption of AI in the commercial sector is booming, AI and Data Science are barely applied for solving major humanitarian and environmental problems. Mainly, it is because NGOs that work on these problems struggle to adopt new technologies like AI. In this talk we will focus on several use cases how AI can help tackle humanitarian and ecological problems of this world and how we can help nonprofit sector to apply AI for benefit of all.


Speaker: Dr. Paul Springer, Managing Director and Chief Scientific Officer | MI4People gGmbH

paul_springer_MI4peopleAfter his PhD in theoretical physics, Dr. Paul Springer worked as a management and IT consultant in the financial sector. He is a passionate AI enthusiast and entrepreneur. Among other, he co-founded MI4People and leads it as volunteering managing director and chief scientific officer. MI4People is a non-profit organization that researches on how AI can be used to help solve humanitarian and environmental problems of this world and builds AI applications that are open source and free of charge.