AI Kickstart – from Hype to production in a few months (and beyond)

24.03. | 15:40 - 16:10 | festival.stage

The biggest outdoor advertiser in Germany getting more digital every year. Of course with the products for our customers but also at the internal processes. Automation has many expressions, but AI is an important one. For us it solves questions like “how to anonymize more than 700.000 Pictures for GDPR?”, “do we really need to sort hundred Mails in info@ manually?” and many other cases. But successful cases are good for us, but maybe not relevant for everybody. In our session we want to show how we approached to solve 17 Cases of AI, RPA and BPM in the last year. We will show some cases, explain why we choosed them and what we had learned on the road. We want to share how we started, how we work and what the most valuable lessons in all this projects are. Sharing knowledge for more success.

Jens Hütter (Senior Data Analyst  | Ströer SE & Co. KGaA)