Run for the Oceans: How to Grow the Audience Year Over Year

24.03. | 14:25 - 14:55 | data.stage

Plastic is a problem – for decades we’ve used it too selfishly and shortsightedly, making and consuming with no thought about the damage we’re doing to our planet. Now, nature has responded and taught us that throwing away the old for the new didn’t make the old disappear, it just moved it, into our oceans, rivers, landfills, even the first we eat. Run for the Oceans is the biggest virtual event with a purpose. In this presentation Pilar Moguel, Product Analyst at Runtastic by adidas, will speak about the project and demonstrate how the team has grown the audience of their biggest virtual event YoY and how they are planning to take it to the next level with the power of data, from a technical to a reporting perspective.

Pilar Moguel ( Product Analyst | adidas Runtastic)